Are you or a loved one learning online?

Do you struggle to stay motivated and manage your time, productivity and organisation?

Are you constantly confused, stressed, overwhelmed, or depressed? 

If so, worry no more.

I’ve been where you are & know what you’re going through.

So, I’ve got you! 

Hi, I’m Ménesa. I specialise in teaching online learners how to excel.

I believe that learning is an essential part of life which we constantly benefit from.

I also believe that learning continues long after finishing formal education. Therefore, developing good study skills helps you learn easier, faster, and better which enhances career prospects, self-development and life success.

Effective study skills and strategies need to be learned and repeated to avoid struggling when learning.

I have taught effective study skills & strategies internationally. I have also collaborated with educators, student advisors/mentors, teachers/professors, and family and friends who are a part of the learning process in the Caribbean, America, and the UK.

I have the unique ability to understand and relate to online learners because I’ve been an online learner while being a busy mom, a wife, a homeschooler, and an Online Learning Educator.

Recently, I graduated from the University of Law, where I received a Commendation for a Master of Laws degree, specialising in Intellectual Property.

Additionally, I have another Master of Laws degree in Corporate & Business Law and I am an experienced proofreader, a 1:1 study coach and an Online Learning Educator.

I was able to successfully complete my studies while being a busy mom, wife, homeschooler and Online Learning Educator by applying effective study skills and strategies. I’m excited to share these skills with you so you can learn how to maintain your sanity, conquer challenges and be a successful online learner also.

I love creating educational online content that motivates, inspires and educates, as seen on this website.

Additionally, I’m passionate about Theatre and achieved a grade of Magna Cum Laude (Hons) for my first Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Theatre Arts and a minor in Graphic Communications. I enjoy travelling and spending quality time with my family. Sometimes I attempt to learn languages like Chinese, French, and Spanish. For fun, I sing and dance to soca/dancehall music while waving a flag or a rag.

I hope you find something useful at Ménesa’s Study Motivation to help you succeed!

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