1.  I love taking pictures & travelling with my family.


  1. I enjoy swimming, especially with dolphins. I learnt to swim when I was just 3, because I wanted to play with my older siblings who swam far away from the shore when we went to the sea.


  1. My favourite ice creams are pistachio and rum and raisin. Rum raisin combines two things I need most to survive motherhood. Rum and ice cream. Just joking…Not really!


  1. I once pretended to be a part of another family of strangers so I could jump a long que at Disney World. The family looked at me like I was crazy. I didn’t care because I didn’t have to stand in line waiting for hours.


  1. I’ve lived and work in the Caribbean, New York, London and Birmingham UK. Living and visiting different countries helps me have an open mind about different cultures and ideas. It’s funny how I sometimes forget what phrase to use in which country. For example:

England                                                                                  Caribbean/America

I’m skint                                                                                  I’m broke

Doing my head in                                                                  Driving me crazy/nuts

Winding me up                                                                       Teasing me

Prawns                                                                                    Shrimps

Gherkins                                                                                  Pickles

Crisps                                                                                      Chips

Trousers                                                                                   Pants

Lorries                                                                                     Trucks

You get the picture, right?


  1. I have degrees in English, Theatre Arts, Graphic Communications, Law, Professional Styling/Image Consulting. Yet, I still don’t know how to play the children’s game, “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. My 6 year old finds this hilarious!


  1. I never drink hot drinks despite how cold it gets outside. My husband keeps wondering what is wrong with me. So do I.


  1. I have 3 drivers’ licenses. One from the Caribbean, one from New York and one from England. My husband has only one. I hate to admit that my hubby is a better driver than I am. But I love being chauffeured by him.


  1. I know all the words to all the songs of the musical play, Le Miserables. I also know all the words to all the songs of Buju Banton’s Til Shiloh I can’t get the words for Baby Shark and Daddy Finger out of my head. Talk about diversity!


  1. I’ve ridden on a camel in Gran Canary, was submerged in a submarine in the Cayman Islands, acted in plays in New York, rode a motorbike in St Martin, modelled in a fashion show in France, flown in a sea plane in Alaska, kayaked in Jamaica, ridden a horse on the beach in Aruba, climbed volcanoes in Hawaii, swam with dolphins in Anguilla and flown in a hot air balloon in England.

But the biggest and best adventure I’ve ever had is the one I’m having right now as a wife and mom!  “Who wouldda thunk it?”