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  With the internet at your fingertips, it’s easy to find an abundance of articles about learning strategies aimed at improving your learning lifestyle. Despite absorbing all the information targeting external factors that may reduce your learning ability, none of them may be helpful. Why? Although you can apply effective learning strategies to things like…

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Successful Self-Care Strategies to Improve Mental Health & Decrease Burnout/Self-Doubt

& Decrease Burnout/Self-Doubt

“Failure is not an option.” “I must succeed by any means necessary.” Do either of these sentences sound familiar to you? As a student, this used to be the mantra that motivated me to keep moving forward, despite the struggle and the juggle of life. As humans, we all want to succeed, whether you are…

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How To Manage Your Mindset To Increase Your Motivation & Concentration When Learning Online

How to manage your mindset to increase your motivation and concentration when learning online. Online learning, distance learning, mature learning, study skills, remote learning.

  Learning online is challenging! As we all endure the confinement and plight of the pandemic, do you find yourself easily distracted by your phone, your family, your friends, and technology at your fingertips? For most of us, recent months have been filled with adapting to unexpected changes in our learning environment. Whether you’re a…

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How to improve your writing and learn from feedback to boost your grades

Staying on top of things when you’re a busy student is extremely difficult. The stress and anxiety experienced are nothing to laugh at. Neither is getting a bad grade or not-so-constructive feedback, especially if you feel like you’ve done your best. Disappointments like these can cause you to hate writing assignments and fear receiving feedback.…

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