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Powerful Planner Package

This Powerful Planner Package is designed to help busy online, mature, professional learners enjoy a more organised, productive fun-filled life, because their time management has improved significantly.

The Powerful Planner Packed is the exact one I used during the height of the Covid -19 pandemic in 2020. During this time, I was homeschooling three energetic children, writing my dissertation for a Master of law degree in intellectual property Practice, and running an online business.

Without the inspiration, motivation, boost to my time management given to me by the planner package, I would not have survived that challenging time.

Let me help you cope with and overcome the stress and struggles of being a busy online, mature, or professional student by giving you the secret to success for FREE!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to become a successful student/learner and achieve your goals, by mastering your time management, organization, and productivity skills, with the Powerful Planner Package.



  • An attractive PRINTABLE PDF, for those of you who prefer to do things manually. PLUS, the option of an EDITABLE ONLINE PDF, for those who prefer to do things digitally.
  • 55 glorious planner pages that include 2 attractive, calming colors to help keep you relaxed, focused and productive.
  • Includes 5 weeks of daily activities over a period of 4 months. This ensures that you don’t panic when you get to those long months that go beyond 4 weeks. That’s 20 weeks worth of planning to keep you on track and help you hit those goals.
  • Daily Planner for you to record your top priorities in the morning, afternoon, and evening from 6 AM until 10 PM. This ensures you never miss out on an important appointment/deadline or fun-filled activity.
  • Gives you individual weekdays where you can record your:
  • to do list,
  • top priorities
  • morning, afternoon, and evening activities
  • 5 Monthly Planners, for you to update with important information, so you can view your appointment, activities, and deadlines over 5 months at a glance.
  • A Home Planner to help you manage your time like a boss, stay organized, and be uber-productive at home. It includes spaces for your:
  • Top priorities
  • Shopping List
  • Chore List
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner notes

What you will gain

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How much does this Powerful Planner Package cost?

Absolutely FREE!

Don't miss this life-changing opportunity to become a time management, orgainzation and productivity GENIUS!

Hi, I’m Ménesa Campbell

With years of experience as a busy online, mature, professional learner like yourself, I don’t want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity to become an expert at time management and get your precious time back.

You’ll regret it if you don’t grab this opportunity to become more organized so that you avoid panic, stress, and overwhelm.

This Powerful Planner Package is designed to make you more productive so that despite your busy lifestyle, you’ll still stay focused on achieving your goals and living your dreams.


I have always loved learning, and I’m really passionate about helping online, mature & professional learners excel. I look forward to enhancing your time, management, organization & productivity skills with this Powerful Planner Package that has helped me be successful, especially during challenging times. Take advantage of my vast experience and knowledge and achieve your learning goals!

Learn from previous planners & hear what they say about the Powerful Planner Package

“In addition to studying, I'm also a busy Mom. So, I have no time to waste. This Planner helped me organize my daily routines, so I didn't have the hastle or stress of wondering what to do and when to do it.”
Diane S.
“As an older learner, I needed something to help me be less afraid of deadlines. With this planner, I learnerd to be more productive and less panicy. It made me focus on one thing at a time, which helped me achieve more in less time.”
Penny B.
“I work in a fast paced corporate environment, but I'm also studying for professional qualifications. I needed something to help me improve my time management, organization and productivity skills and this Planner was perfect!”
Tom B.
“Very effective planner with lots of options to keep me motivated and focussed. Highly recommend!”
Nathan G.
“This Powerful Planner came at the right time. I wanted to take control of my time and be more organized. This planner did the job!”
Darla W.
“Stop looking for another Planner! The Powerful Planner Package is the best on the market.”
Steven D.

NOW is the time for you to master your time management, organization, and productivity!

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