Having been a tutor for several years, I can confirm that a tutor’s job is similar to what a teacher/professor does.  They give you information and reinforce it through repetition.  I know that a capable tutor may be an excellent source of support in assisting you with subject/course material. However, constant tutoring can become costly. If you can afford to pay for a tutor indefinitely, that’s excellent! If you’re less financially blessed, then you may benefit from other alternatives, like coaching. My coaching sessions will give you study and mindset tips and techniques you can implement immediately. This helps you get results in record time. You’ll learn how to work independently to become a more productive and organised student who achieves your goals in less time than expected. Ideally, study coaching is a wonderful complement to traditional tutoring. So, if you can afford tutoring and coaching simultaneously, you may find that one of my three packages could boost your studies and transform your ability to get great results on your own.  This will inevitably save you money on paying for tutoring indefinitely.